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Criminon is a non-profit organization, funded entirely by donations from people who care about rehabilitating inmates coming back into the community.  Each course costs $350.00 to deliver but only a small fee is charged to Alberta inmates.  A reduced rate is also available for families wishing to sponsor an out-of-province inmate on the Criminon Program.

Contributions of any amount assist us in helping others and are greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made by debit or credit card through Pay Pal below.

Or by sending a cheque or money order to:


Criminon Rehabilitation Program Ltd.

P.O. Box 69101, Skyview RPO

Edmonton, Alberta  T6V 1G7

Telephone: 780-455-0655


All donors will receive their own copy of The Way to Happiness booklet.

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Criminon means no crime.

Criminon Edmonton is a registered non-profit organization.  We work all over Alberta with offenders of any faith through our correspondence courses and in-prison seminars.

The Criminon Program is non-religious and based on research of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Hubbard wrote over 500 titles, gave over 3000 hours of recorded lectures, and he did research into the cause of crime. He said,

"There is not a criminal in the world whose life of crime cannot be traced to a loss of self-respect."

One of the saddest things he ever heard a criminal tell him, he said, was that "one day I found I couldn't trust myself."

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