Four Of The Top Restaurants In Laurel Maryland For A Good Meal

Is this your first time being in Laurel, Maryland? Perhaps you aren’t there just yet, but you are on your way. Let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in that city. When you arrive, you will have no problem at all picking a good place to eat. In fact, you are going to get four and a bonus at the end. Now let’s get to looking at what you can expect at some of the top restaurants in Laurel, Maryland.

Curry Leaf Restaurant is ranked #2 in the city according to a top travel site, so let’s start there. This establishment serves up goat curry, naan bread and so much more. What’s great, too, is that they have a buffet. If you aren’t used to Indian food, this is a great way to give it all a try.

The next establishment is a treat as well, Mango’s Grill, and it is located on Baltimore Avenue. Does fish tacos and chimichangas sounds good to you? It does to me, and and that is just part of what you can enjoy there. When trying to find this restaurant, it helps knowing that according to the reviews, it is located at a strip mall.

Olive on Main is the next top restaurant, and have you ever enjoyed a stuffed burger? Olive on Main is also serving up delicious salmon according to some menu highlights, as well as gyros, burgers and more. Do you enjoy a more quiet and relaxed restaurant atmosphere? That’s what you do get at this place according to reviews.

It is time for one more restaurant and then the bonus. The last restaurant is Red Hot & Blue, which is also located on Main Street. Potato salad, pulled pork, ribs and catfish are some foods that await you at this place. Sounds like you are certainly going to fill up there, and I always seem to think that when reviewing a barbecue restaurant.

Now it is time for the bonus restaurant pick. Blaze Pizza on Baltimore Avenue is one of the top restaurants, and I figured pizza was a good pick, don’t you think? And the menu highlights and reviews say that you get to build your own pizza. That sounds absolutely delicious to me, and I’ll end it on that note so that you can get to enjoying these great places to eat in Laurel, Maryland.